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Grant joined Rockwater, as our second employee, back in 1980.  He is widely experienced in applied hydrogeology and geophysics, specialising in deep sedimentary aquifer investigations.  Grant instigated Rockwater’s geothermal investigations in 1996 and currently leads our team of geothermal hydrogeologists.  He has recently installed a shallow geothermal system for heating and cooling of his new house, which he hopes will be used as a model for others to follow.

Grant Bolton

Phil joined Rockwater, as our third employee, way back in 1982.  Since then he has conducted innumerable investigations in mine dewatering, water supply, and groundwater flow and solute transport modeling, mainly at waste-water treatment plants.  Known for his short reports, he gets things done quickly.

Phil Wharton

Nick founded and leads our team of environmental scientists. He has environmental and management qualifications and 20 years’ experience as an environmental practitioner. Nick joined Rockwater in 2004 and provides strategic environmental advice and project environmental management to clients for a range of projects, mainly environmental impact assessments (EIA), baseline biological surveys (flora/vegetation, stygofauna and troglofauna), assessments of groundwater-dependent ecosystems, and groundwater monitoring and reporting.

Nick Evelegh

Miranda specialises in water supply and geothermal projects.  She leads our team in Managed Aquifer Recharge and is one of our most skilled groundwater modellers.  Miranda loves the beach and is an enthusiastic surfer.

Miranda Taylor

Peter completed a doctoral study of the Tertiary palaeovalleys and their fills (‘palaeochannels’) in the Kalgoorlie area while at the Australian National University.  Since joining Rockwater in 2005, he has continued to specialise in palaeovalley aquifers, and in sedimentary aquifers along the south coast of WA.  He also specialises in the dewatering of banded iron-formation aquifers on the Yilgarn Craton.  For his sins, Peter is the main author of this website.

Dr Peter de Broekert

Steve joined Rockwater in 2011 after a brief career as an iron-ore mine geologist.  He has a Masters degree in Hydrogeology and manages many of our large drilling projects for water supply and mine dewatering.  While not in the field, he enjoys running lots of kilometers.

Steve Bolton

Peter has a Masters degree in Hydrogeology and has a keen focus on groundwater impact assessments and approvals for mining and construction projects. Peter enjoys tinkering and applying innovations in the office - but prefers a comfortable routine outside work!  

Peter (Jit Huat) Khor

Senior Hydrogeologist

Since joining Rockwater in 2007, Daisy has also become an expert in GIS, groundwater sampling and analysis, and the supervision of pumping tests and bore re-development.  While not at work, she likes to spend time with her horses.

Daisy Scott

Senior Environmental Scientist

Danae joined Rockwater in 2003.  She specialises in municipal water-supply projects, and is heavily involved in tailings and water storage facility investigations.  Danae also prepares our largest monitoring reports and is our go-to person for computer problems.

Danae Roney

Senior Enviro Hydrogeologist

Matt joined Rockwater in 2018 and has a keen interest in aquifer assessments, mine dewatering, hydrochemical and isotope studies, and bore construction and development.  He is also our very capable and enthusiastic HSSE officer.

Matthew Vear

Senior Hydrogeologist
Jorik specialises in geology and geothermal projects and is an expert on seismic interpretation and aquifer flow properties. He is heavily involved in the exploration and exploitation of aquifers capable of supplying geothermal energy. In his spare time he is a very enthusiastic tennis player.

Jorik Poesse

Supervising Geothermal Geoscientist

Nataly Guevara Perez


Jean-Baptiste Peyaud

Project Hydrogeologist

Greg joined Rockwater in 2022 and is proving his talents in groundwater flow modelling. He has completed a PhD in Hydrogeophysics and has written several papers.  He may be the quiet one of the group, but he is racking up the miles in those running shoes.

Greg Lekmine


Fergus Brown

Graduate Hydrogeologist

Laura Ortiz

Graduate Hydrogeologist

Nathalie Yates


Cathy Reidy

Executive Administrator

Michelle Prentice


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