Mine Dewatering

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Drilling in-pit dewatering bores

Mine Dewatering

Rockwater designs and implements dewatering schemes - assessing hydraulic properties using visual inspections; injection/pressure testing; test drilling; bore construction; and test-pumping techniques.


Mines that intersect significant aquifers require pumping from bores and/or sumps to limit the ingress of water to the workings. Open-pit mines commonly need dewatering ahead of mining to ensure wall stability and pit-floor workability.


Rockwater has installed dewatering bores in a variety of geological environments, including; faulted and weathered crystalline bedrock, vuggy and fractured chert, dolomite and banded iron-formation, clastic and chemical sediments within sedimentary basins, vuggy and cavernous, and highly porous calcretised lamproite associated with diamond pipes. Rock conditions are often challenging, involving the use of diverse drilling techniques, such as air-rotary, air-hammer, mud-rotary and dual-rotary.



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Mine Dewatering


  • Core inspection and hydrogeological evaluation
  • Testing hydraulic properties of rocks (slug tests, packer testing and test pumping)
  • Design of dewatering and depressurisation systems
  •  Location and design of dewatering bores
  • Supervision of drilling and bore construction
  • Numerical modelling of water inflows and dewatering requirements
  • Numerical modelling of final void water levels and quality
  • Assessment of pumping requirements
  • Aquifer injection for water disposal
  • Monitoring dewatering operations
  • Regulatory requirements, such as reporting