Senior Staff

Dr Roger Passmore
  • Dr Roger Passmore
  • Principal, founded Rockwater in 1974 following previous experience as a hydrogeologist with the Geological Survey of Western Australia, Anaconda Inc., and McPhar Geophysics Pty Ltd. He has an extensive knowledge of the hydrogeology of Western Australia and has worked on water supply, mine dewatering, and other projects throughout Western Australia, other states and overseas. Dr Passmore conducts field investigations, project management, aquifer modelling, and technical assessments.
Mr. Phil Wharton
  • Mr Phil Wharton
  • Principal, joined Rockwater in 1982 and has over 30 years professional experience in hydrogeology. Mr Wharton is widely experienced in water supply and mine dewatering studies and is one of the foremost groundwater modellers in Western Australia. His experience also includes projects in New Zealand (where he managed all Rockwater projects), Laos, and Indonesia.
Mr. Grant Bolton
  • Mr Grant Bolton
  • Principal, Grant is widely experienced in applied hydrogeology, confined and artesian bore design and construction, and aquifer testing. Grant has managed several deep geothermal projects for heating pools and for space heating in the Perth basin from design to commissioning. He has also undertaken several desktop studies for geothermal projects and managed numerous deep water supply projects in the Perth and Canning basins.  He is the current State Liaison to the International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia Executive, following being the State President of the IAH (2011-2014) and has served on the state committee for the past eight years.
  • Dr Peter de Broekert
  • Principal, joined Rockwater in early 2006, following a doctoral study of the sedimentology of Tertiary palaeovalleys (‘palaeochannels’) in the Kalgoorlie area while at the CSIRO, and the design and implementation of dewatering projects in wheatbelt towns for salinity control while at the WA Dept of Agriculture.  The focus of Peter’s work at Rockwater has been on mine dewatering and water supply projects on the Yilgarn Craton and adjoining Officer, Eucla and Bremer Basins.  In doing so, he has continued to develop his expertise in the exploration for and development of palaeovalley aquifers, making him a leader in this field.
  • Mr John Moncrieff
  • Principal Hydrogeologist, has over 30 years hydrogeological experience in government and consulting.  He has worked on projects throughout Australia and overseas, and has particular knowledge of Western Australian hydrogeology. His experience includes investigations for groundwater supplies, mine dewatering and groundwater contamination.
  • Dr Ian Brandes de Roos
  • Ian is a  a Principal Hydrogeologist with 15 years’ experience as a geoscientist and over 10 years’ experience as a hydrogeologist. Ian’s initial experience is as a geologist and geophysicist. After completing his PhD studies he has gained extensive experience in hydrogeology. His experience includes major dewatering and water supply projects, numerical modelling studies, ASR/MAR projects, contaminated site assessments and geophysical assessments. Ian has applied a multi-disciplinary approach to groundwater and environmental assessments to a variety of mining, agricultural and civil engineering projects. He is the current State President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists
  • Mr Nick Evelegh
  • Principal Environmental Scientist, joined Rockwater in 2005 and has over seventeen years experience as an environmental practitioner for a diverse clientele including resource development/mining, horticulture and government corporations. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Biology and has wide-ranging experience in environmental impact assessment (EIA) and baseline biological survey work throughout Western Australia. Nick is a Director of Rockwater and provides strategic environmental advice and project environmental management to a variety of clients. He is routinely involved in biological survey programmes for subterranean fauna, wetlands and flora and vegetation surveys, groundwater monitoring, hydrogeological reporting and various environmental impact assessment studies. Nick is a member of the Environmental Consultants Association (WA) and has served on the Association’s committee for over ten years.