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Representative Projects


Christ Church Grammar School: Bores CCGS1 & CCGS3

Christ Church Grammar School (CCGS) utilises a geothermal heating system to heat its outdoor swimming pool and manual arts centre. The geothermal system, commissioned in 2001, comprises a Yarragadee aquifer production bore, CCGS 1 (the geothermal bore), two heat exchange units, and a Yarragadee aquifer injection bore, CCGS 3, which returns the water to the aquifer.

A borehole CCTV survey was conducted on Bore CCGS3 late 2009 and resulted in the bore being successfully redeveloped in early 2010. In mid-2012, the pump motor installed in bore CCGS 1 failed and was removed from the bore. Removal of the pump and pump column allowed for an opportunity to conduct a CCTV survey and ensure the condition of the bore was suitable for the installation of the new pump. Rockwater was contracted to complete project management and supervise these CCTV surveys conducted by the sub-contractor in 2009 and 2012 and provide status reports and recommendations for any remedial works.


Busselton Water

Busselton Water provides potable water to the town of Busselton Water and requires periodic internal inspections of its bores as part of its preventative maintenance programme since 1992. Inspections are routinely carried out once every five years in each of the production bores with a downhole CCTV camera. Rockwater has been commissioned to supervise the scheduled surveys, inspect the joins, casings and screens for any deterioration, compare the CCTV with previous recorded condition, and prepare a status report making recommendations for any remedial works.


Cristal Mining Ltd: Wonnerup Mine

Cristal Mining engaged Rockwater to investigate the condition of the two production bores, to determine if they could be of value to its proposed future operations at the Wonnerup North site. A CCTV survey was conducted by a sub-contractor mid-2013 and Rockwater inspected the footage and provided a status report and recommendations for any remedial works.


Iluka Resources Limited: Eneabba

Iluka recommenced operations at its Eneabba mineral sands facility in early-2012 and commissioned Rockwater to evaluate two of their production bores, which were unequipped. The evaluation included a CCTV surveys to view the internal structure of the bore for any deterioration or damage to the casing and screen strings, comparing it with previous records on their condition, and prepare a status report making recommendations for remedial action.


Boeing Australia Ltd: Harold E Holt Naval Communications Station

Boeing Australia Ltd operates in the saltwater borefield which comprises six production bores for cooling the Very Low Frequency (VLF) transmitter and firefighting at the Harold E Holt Naval Communications Station (HEH Navcomsta) Transmitting Station at Exmouth, Western Australia. In mid-2007 Rockwater was commissioned to conduct CCTV surveys of the bores and make recommendations for any maintenance requirements.


Kimberley Diamond Company: Ellendale

In 2003 KDC commissioned Rockwater to carry out a CCTV borehole camera survey on one of their production bores at Ellendale 9 pit to determine the cause of the bore's reduced capacity and a presence of sand and gravel, and make recommendations for the rehabilitation of the bore.


Evolution Mining: Westonia

Rockwater used a borehole CCTV camera on several occasions to assist in the lost tool recovery process during drilling programmes and assess the condition of the breakthrough bore at the Edna May gold mine project.




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