Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Rockwater Projects

Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Representative Projects


Galaxy Resources: Ravensthorpe

Rockwater is routinely contracted to conduct groundwater sampling at the Mt Cattlin rare-earth elements mine, operated by Galaxy Resources, in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia. Sampling is conducted in line with conditions set by the Groundwater Licence Operating Strategy.


Woodside Energy Limited: James Price Point

Woodside Energy Limited conducted onshore hydrogeological investigations in support of a potential liquefied natural gas processing plant at the Western Australian Government's Browse LNG Precinct near James Price Point, 60 km north of Broome. Rockwater was responsible for the establishment of the groundwater monitoring network, including selection of bore locations, bore design, supervision of drilling and bore installation, and groundwater sampling.


Water Corporation: Jandakot Aquifer Storage and Recovery Site

The Water Corporation conducted a major research project investigating the potential for injection of potable water into the deep, confined Leederville aquifer and its recovery for water supply. Rockwater acted as the principal hydrogeological consultant to this project and was instrumental in its set-up and the development of monitoring requirements. In the initial stages of the project, Rockwater was responsible for the collection of groundwater samples, measurement of regional water levels and provided advice to set up a network of automated data loggers for the recording of water levels, injection and recovery flow rates, bore-head pressures, and water quality parameters including salinity and turbidity. As the project evolved, Rockwater managed all groundwater monitoring operations and trained Water Corporation staff in conducting non-standard type analyses such as Membrane Fouling Indices (MFI).


Landcorp: Proposed Oakajee Port

Landcorp proposed to establish an industrial site and port at Oakajee, located on the coast about 20 km north of Geraldton. Rockwater was contracted to conduct a detailed hydrogeological evaluation which included: preliminary assessment based on existing data; an extensive site investigation including geophysical surveying; installation of monitoring bores for infiltration testing and groundwater monitoring; groundwater age dating; and data input and assessment. The results were reported to the regulatory authorities and a comprehensive background monitoring programme developed to establish baseline conditions at the site. A three-year monitoring programme was designed, implemented and reported by Rockwater.



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