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Groundwater Supplies

Representative Projects

Busselton Water and Aqwest

Busselton Water and Aqwest provide potable water to the town of Busselton and the City of Bunbury. Rockwater has been the provider of hydrogeological services to these utilities for 30 and 10 years respectively. Groundwater is sourced from deep Yarragadee aquifer production bores. Rockwater has: completed conceptual bore designs; supervised drilling and bore construction; undertaken lithological logging; supervised and interpreted geophysical logging; conducted water quality and flow testing; finalised bore designs; designed and supervised test pumping programmes; analysed water-quality data; and prepared technical regulatory reports.


Alcoa of Australia Limited: Pinjarra Refinery

Groundwater from the Cattamarra aquifer is one of the major sources of water supplies to Alcoa's Pinjarra Refinery. The most-recently installed production bore, P 010A, was designed by Rockwater and installed under the supervision of Rockwater hydrogeologists.


Kimberley Diamond Company: Ellendale

Rockwater has an association with the Ellendale Project dating back to 1978, including the design, supervision, and testing of 30 production bores and a network of monitoring bores. The borefield has a capacity of 10 GL/annum producing water from aquifers up to 300 m deep in the Grant Group in the northern part of the Canning Basin.

Rockwater hydrogeologists have undertaken several numerical modelling projects to ensure the sustainability of the borefield.


Evolution Mining: Westonia

Evolution Mining re-commenced mining of the Edna May gold deposit, at Westonia, during early 2010. Rockwater established two borefields (four 200m deep bores and two 'breakthrough' bores accessing the flooded decline) to supply about 2.5 GL/annum of saline groundwater for a 2.8 mtpa mill. A subsidiary 2 GL/annum borefield (accessing the hypersaline Tertiary palaeovalley aquifer) has also recently been installed as a backup to the primary borefield.


Incitec Pivot Limited: Phosphate Hill

Incitec Pivot Limited's Phosphate Hill Operations in northwestern Queensland utilise groundwater from four high-yielding bores. These bores are about between 120 m deep and yield between 5 and 7 GL/annum. Since the 1970s Rockwater has conducted hydrogeological assessments, first developing the required water supplies and then implementing mine dewatering. Rockwater's numerical groundwater-flow model has been recalibrated to the observed water-level changes over many years of mining and provides reliable drawdown predictions.




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