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Rockwater also uses a borehole Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) survey to record video inspections of water bores to determine current bore conditions, verify bore construction details and determine whether preventative maintenance of the bore is required.



The CCTV camera is also used for lost tool recovery and visually inspects bore physical water quality (e.g. bacteria, algal blooms, turbidity or any visible to the naked-eye bore contamination).



Rockwater operates an in-house R-CAM 1000 down-hole CCTV camera system which is a portable self-contained video inspection system that is capable of surveying bores of up to 300 m depth and from 50 cm in diameter. This system delivers real-time inspection footage on-site with dual wide angle colour camera, side and down view with 360 degree rotation and a full colour images recorded to DVD. This allows the close inspection of the structural condition of the pump chamber, concentric reducers, intermediate casings, packer assemblies, and production strings.



As part of the borehole CCTV inspection service our company provides a digital copy of the survey along with a comprehensive video analysis and status report and, if required, recommendations for any remedial works.



In some instances Rockwater is engaged to project manage and supervise the borehole CCTV survey conducted by external sub-contractors. Our company has a good relationship with WA based companies, who provide the borehole CCTV services up to 2,000 m depth and carry out bore redevelopment using a variety of methods depending on the bore's condition (e.g. cleaning, sonar-jet, re-screening, patching and lining).



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  • Periodic inspections to determine existing bore conditions, verify bore construction details and/or perform preventative maintenance
  • New bore construction inspection
  • After service bore inspections
  • Groundwater monitoring (e.g. physical water quiality)
  • Locating lost tools