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Rockwater routinely uses both surface and down-hole geophysics to identify infrastructure zones, depth to basement, lithological boundaries, facies changes, groundwater salinity, formation groundwater temperature, porosity and clay content. Down-hole tools are also used to assess drill hole diameter and identify wash-out zones.


Rockwater operates a fully mine-specified all-wheel-drive geophysical logging truck which is capable of surveying holes of up to 2,000 m depth. The winch is hydraulically driven and is fitted with double-armoured, four-conductor wireline. The logging module can be removed from the vehicle and shipped to remote sites by airlift.


Survey tools include a technologically advanced, multi-parameter acquisition sonde which allows:

- long and short normals resistivity



-differential temperature, and

-spontaneous potential to be measured during a single pass


Other surveys routinely undertaken include caliper, flow-meter, electrical conductivity/temperature, induction, single-point resistance and depth sounding. Rockwater also has portable logging units ideal for shallower applications.


Surface geophysical surveys include magnetic, TEM and VLF-EM methods. Data acquisition and interpretation are undertaken using up-to-date equipment and computer software. Rockwater also operates a high-resolution CCTV camera with a depth capability of 300 m.



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Resistivity Image


  • Down Hole Geophysics
  • Short normals resistivity
  • Long normals resistivity
  • Single point resistivity
  • Lateral resistivity
  • Spontaneous potential
  • Gamma ray
  • Gamma gamma density
  • Neutron
  • Caliper
  • Temperature
  • Depth sounding
  • Flow meter
  • Conductivity
  • Collar locator


  • Surface Geophysical Surveys
  • TEM
  • Magnetic
  • VLF EM