Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

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Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

Rockwater has extensive experience in preparing and implementing groundwater monitoring programmes. Groundwater is monitored in operational water supply borefields, as well as around mine pits, tailings dams and waste disposal and storage facilities.


Technical advice is provided to redefine and improve borefield operation and capability. Landfill, industrial and development sites are also monitored to establish background conditions and to assess and monitor contamination plumes. Rockwater's experience includes monitoring borefield design, groundwater level measurements and quality sampling, aquifer modelling and reviews.


Borefield assessment and statutory monitoring reports, including annual assessments and monitoring reviews for the Department of Water, are routinely prepared for a diverse array of projects. Rockwater hydrogeologists have a wide-ranging knowledge of Perth Basin hydrogeology as well as that of other major aquifers in Western Australia. Our staff are trained and experienced in collection of water samples to relevant Australian guidelines and industry standards.



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Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling


  • Baseline monitoring and hydrogeological investigations
  •  Design of disposal facilities
  • Preparation of monitoring programmes and operating strategies
  • Monitoring bore network design and construction supervision
  • Groundwater monitoring - water level measurement and water quality sampling
  • Geochemical studies
  • Surface water quality monitoring (hydrological reviews provided through a sub-consultant)
  • Contaminant transport and degradation, and aquifer response modelling
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Assessments of wetlands, salinisation and seawater intrusion
  • Remedial system design
  • Data input, assessment and reporting
  • Preparation of groundwater monitoring reports for regulatory authorities (including Department of Environment Regulation and Department of Water)