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Representative Projects

Rockwater geothermal staff include hydrogeologists, modellers, geochemists and environmental scientists.


Having provided technical support services to Western Australia's geothermal industry since 1996, Rockwater's project experience ranges from complete project management to individual services, pre-feasibility studies to detailed borefield design and commissioning, together with post-commissioning monitoring and operator training. Rockwater has worked extensively with project developers and geothermal lease holders, government and regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders.


Rockwater has worked on more than 20 major geothermal projects in Western Australia, throughout the Perth Basin and in the Canning Basin, comprising 70% of Western Australia's direct-use geothermal heating capacity of some 10,000 kWt. Rockwater has been involved in nearly all of the direct-use geothermal projects in WA, including:


Pre-feasibility studies for direct-use geothermal projects

- Canning Leisure Centre (1,000 kW, 25 L/s)

- City of Mandurah (1,750 kW, 35L/s)

- Numerous other government authorities including the City of Canning, City of Fremantle,

  City of Geraldton, City of Mandurah , City of Stirling, Department of Defence and Town of Cambridge.

- Geothermal project developers, including the Broome Port Authority, CSIRO, GT Power and SKM.

- Geothermal lease holders, including GT Power.

Other stakeholders, including Presbyterian Ladies College and Floraco Pty Ltd.



Complete project management for direct-use geothermal projects

- Armadale Leisure Centre (to be commissioned 2018)

- Scarborough Beach Pool (2,200 kW, 35 L/s ) in 2017

- Cockburn ARC (2,500 kW, 40 L/s ) in 2017

- Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre (1,260 kW, 30 L/s ) in 2017

- Hale School (2,170 kW, 26.5 L/s ) in 2013

- Beatty Park Leisure Centre (1,760 kW, 35 L/s) in 2011

- St Hilda's Anglican School (1200 kW, 20.5 L/s) in 2010

- Claremont Pool (900 kW, 12 L/s) in 2004

- Christchurch Grammar School (600 kW, 12 L/s) in 2001

- Bicton Polo Club (est. 400 kW, 18 L/s) in 1996



Pre-feasibility studies for shallow geothermal heat pump and heat rejection projects

- Government authorities, including the City of Fremantle, City of Geraldton and the Department of Defence.

- Geothermal project developers including CSIRO, GT Power and SKM.



Review of disabled injection bore systems and remediation of shallow geothermal heat pump and heat rejection systems

- Edith Cowan University heat rejection project (850 kW, 41 L/s).

- Peppermint Grove Library shallow geothermal heat pump project (300 kW, 9.5 L/s).

- University of Western Australia (2,000 kW, 60 L/s).



Complete project management for shallow geothermal heat pump and heat rejection projects

- Fremantle Leisure Centre shallow geothermal project (375 kW, 18 L/s).

- Pawsey Centre heat rejection project (2,400 kW, 90 L/s).




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