Rockwater Services



Rockwater has a diverse environmental capability to complement its groundwater services.


The company provides environmental expertise and monitoring in association with groundwater investigations, often where groundwater-dependent ecosystems or other sensitive environmental features are present in the landscape.


Our team of environmental scientists undertake project-based groundwater and environmental sampling to facilitate project environmental approvals and for compliance with operational licences, permits or other statutory requirements.


Rockwater provides strategic environmental advice and project management for the full spectrum of environmental impact studies, with in-house capabilities for baseline biological surveys and ecological investigations in terrestrial and aquatic environments. From baseline data collection to remediation of contaminated sites, we undertake project-based sampling and monitoring for a diverse clientele. Rockwater prepares scientific reports, management plans, and liaises with government regulators in support of groundwater and environmental licences, project approvals, and positive environmental management outcomes.


Flora and Vegetation Surveys

Rockwater has completed a number of flora and vegetation surveys for clients in many regions of Australia. Surveys have generally occurred along proposed exploration drill lines but have also included vegetation monitoring to determine the effects, if any, of groundwater drawdown on surrounding vegetation.



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Conducting a flora survey


  • Project planning and management of groundwater and environmental projects
  • Investigations of wetlands and other groundwater dependent ecosystems
  • Groundwater sampling and monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA) and project environmental approvals
  • Subterranean fauna (stygofauna & troglofauna) sampling and monitoring
  • Botanical surveys and vegetation mapping
  • Environmental management plans
  • Rehabilitation planning and monitoring
  • Investigation of groundwater contamination
  • Project closure planning
  • Technical talks, statutory submissions and liaison with government regulators
  • Technical reports to support proposals, development applications, etc.