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Managed Aquifer Recharge


In today's drying climate and increased demand for water, innovative water technologies are becoming more important for both water conservation and providing alternate water supplies.


Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) involves the controlled replenishment of an aquifer using surface runoff or recycled water, and often provides a water source that may have otherwise gone to waste. Recharge can occur via an infiltration basin or gallery, or via an injection bore. The aquifer may provide temporary storage, with the recharged water extracted seasonally, or it may undergo long term replenishment to secure future water supplies.


Some examples for the use of MAR include:


  • Aquifer replenishment, banking groundwater supplies for future use by recharging the aquifer with recycled water.


  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) projects, where surface water is injected into an aquifer during winter, and extracted from the same bore for use during summer.


  • Injection of groundwater that has been cooled by heat exchange processes in geothermal applications, thereby preventing loss of water from the aquifer system.


  • Disposal of benign wastewater from industrial or mineral processing, or mine dewatering.


The major limiting factor in the success of aquifer recharge projects is clogging of the injection bore, either through suspended solids, air entrainment, biological fouling and/or chemical reactions. Rockwater personnel are experienced in assessing, identifying and implementing preventative and remedial procedures required to minimise the risk of clogging.



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  • Feasibility studies
  • Locating suitable aquifers for water injection
  • Risk assessments Groundwater flow and geochemical modelling
  • Design of water injection systems, including injection bores 
  • Supervision of drilling and bore construction 
  • Technical advice in the design of pilots and trials Sampling and evaluation of water chemistry
  • Injection testing and data assessment Monitoring reviews and clogging assessments
  • Project Management