Aquifer Recharge by Injection

Rockwater Services

Numerical Modelling


Rockwater has routinely used analytical and numerical groundwater flow models since 1980.

Hydrogeological models are regularly developed for government agencies and private sector organisations to assess various issues relating to groundwater. Rockwater has a thorough knowledge of the relevant Australian modelling guidelines and routinely prepares models required by regulatory authorities. It has also reviewed a number of models of varying complexity, both individually and as part of a review panel.


Rockwater utilise industry-standard groundwater modelling software including Processing Modflow Pro and Visual Modflow for groundwater flow, solute transport modelling and heat-flow (geothermal) modelling. Software packages are regularly upgraded to stay abreast of the advances in groundwater modelling techniques.


Rockwater's staff includes some of the foremost groundwater modellers in the state, with up to 30 years of continuous experience in this field. This depth of practical experience ensures that all modelling is based on sound and defensible hydrogeological and chemical principles.


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  • Modelling regional to local-scale groundwater flow systems
  • Assessing the impacts of groundwater extraction on other users, the environment and the aquifer system
  •  Determining the fate of constituents of groundwater, and the impacts on receptors
  • Assessing mine dewatering requirements
  •  Saltwater interface modelling
  • Heat transport and decay modelling
  • Modelling the impacts of managed aquifer recharge
  • Modelling to optimise borefield design/layout and dewatering management
  • Modelling to assess final mine void water levels and quality
  • Peer review of groundwater models