Perth Groundwater Replenishment Scheme

PERTH GROUNDWATER REPLENISHMENT SCHEMEWater supply and managed aquifer recharge in collaboration with Water Corporation

Perth, Western Australia
Municipal water supply and managed aquifer recharge
2010, 2018


Declining rainfall and streamflow have resulted in dams being replaced by desalination and groundwater as a major source of drinking water for Perth.

A major groundwater replenishment scheme is being implemented by Water Corporation to augment Perth’s water supply.  The scheme involves treating waste water to potable standards, injecting into it deep, confined aquifers of the Perth Basin, and re-capturing the water when required. 

Groundwater replenishment has the potential to supply 20% of Perth’s drinking water by 2050.

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Rockwater was engaged in Stage 1 of the scheme in 2012 to supervise and log the initial 650 m deep hydostratigraphic diamond hole and for ongoing hydrogeological support. 

In 2018, as part of stage 2 of the scheme, we provided 24/7 hydrogeological supervision for the drilling, construction and testing of 16 injection, extraction and monitoring bores to depths of up to 1,400 m.

Drilling of the bores relied heavily on techniques used in the oil industry that had not been widely applied for groundwater development in Western Australia.

Rockwater has been providing hydrogeological services to Water Corporation since 1987.

Since 1987 , we have completed over 120 projects for Water Corporation at over 50 locations, ranging from Albany to Wyndham.

  • Geological and geophysical interpretation
  • Correlation of geological and geophysical data with drilling parameters (penetration rate, weight on bit, torque, mechanical specific energy, hole deviation, etc) using Wellcad software
  • Pumping test analysis using AQTESOLV software
  • Clogging risk assessments
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Field investigation reporting
  • Annual compliance reporting
  • Logging of core and drill cuttings
  • Real-time and post-drilling down-hole geophysical surveys
  • Flow logs during pumping tests
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance surveys
  • Mud-rotary bores
  • Pumping tests (up to 160 L/s)
  • Membrane filtration testing
  • Injection tests
  • Clogging testing

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