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New source of water to support population growth

Another great outcome in supporting population growth. Rockwater was commissioned to run geophysical logs to ascertain the likely salinity of the Sue aquifer, the work helped to identify a new source of water to support population growth in the Dunsborough/Busselton region where other groundwater sources were already fully allocated. Great work Martin!

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Bathymetric survey

Our team has recently completed a bathymetric survey of Lake Joondalup and Lake Goollelal. The survey was completed by combining lakebed depth sounding using a remote control boat develop by UWA, drone surveys of the lake shore and manual picks from our kayak. The data will be used to better manage coastal lakes in the context of the changing climate and declining rainfall. Get in touch with the Rockwater team if you are interested to learn more about this exciting project.

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Martin Pujol shares his experience using Feflow modelling software

Our Senior Geothermal Hydrogeologist Martin Pujol was recently interviewed by the DHI team; the software developer behind the industry-leading Feflow groundwater modelling software. In the video Martin talks about his recent salt water intrusion project as well as his experience with working with DHI and using DHI’s FEFLOW software for groundwater modelling. DHI shared it globally with DHI contacts and social media.

This news was also posted on our LinkedIn page.


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