Rockwater Projects

Rockwater Projects

Our Projects

Some representative and more inovative projectsIMG_0258a.jpg

are provided under the relevant categories below.

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Example of Project Types


- Assessment and implementation of mine dewatering

- Assessment of tailings dam leaks, and contaminated groundwater

- Borefields for town and mine water supplies

- Coastal fresh/salt water interface supplies

- Waste water treatment plant seepage evaluation and water balance modelling

- Geothermal systems for swimming pool heating

- Geothermal systems for space heating and cooling

- Risk assessment of deep aquifer recharge

- Wastewater re-use

- Stormwater re-injection and management plans

- Industrial pollutant plume definition and recovery

- Infiltration capacity of wastewater ponds

- Geophysical surveys to locate buried palaeovalleys

- Locating multiple sources of groundwater contamination in industrial area

- Monitoring and recovery of contaminant around tailings dams

- Predicting water levels behind retaining walls, and flows to foundation excavations

- Prediction and control of water flows into underground workings

- Regional groundwater availability investigations

- Rehabilitation of corroded deep bores

- Sampling groundwater monitoring bores for baseline data and contamination assessment

- Mine closure monitoring

- Wastewater disposal impact on groundwater and environment

- Borefield redevelopment and rehabilitation



- Botanical surveys for vegetation clearing permits or project approvals

- Subterranean fauna sampling for environmental review documents

- Environmental risk assessments for mining and development projects

- Monitoring of groundwater dependent vegetation

- Environmental investigations for disposal of desalination reject water

- Preparation of environmental management plans